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Step Back in Time

Not so very long ago, many neighborhoods had their own diner where friends and family would gather for a fresh breakfast or a cup of coffee. It was comfortable, it was friendly and it was a part of our lives.

Thumbs Up Diner is step back in time, with a friendly modern diner that is a tribute to the American diner from days gone by. It is a neighborhood meeting place serving great food at reasonable prices with a friendly wait staff. Deco glass in the windows, a curved service counter and an intown address, Thumbs Up Diner combines an urban ambience and friendly service for a relaxing breakfast and lunch experience.

“The biscuits here are different, and no one minds saying so. They’re made with whole wheat, but they stay light with a crunchy crust, once baked. Smeared with butter and house-made preserves, they’ll take you back to a place most of us don’t go often enough — home.”

Atlanta Journal Constitution