Select any of the following items to build your favorite breakfast.

One Egg
Add cheese
Two Eggs
Add cheese
Three Eggs
Add cheese

Side of Grits
Add cheese
Large order of Grits
Add cheese

Fresh sliced potatoes grilled with onions, green peppers and our special seasonings.
Add cheese

Side of Meat
Three strips of applewood smoked bacon
Three strips of turkey bacon
Two country pork sausage patties
One spicy chicken sausage link
Two slices of ham
Two veggie sausage patties

Two Ounces of Cold Smoked Salmon

Five Ounces of Smoked Turkey Breast

Fried Fish
One Basa Catfish filet deep fried

Fried Chicken Fingers
8 pieces of Fried Chicken Fingers

Grilled or Fried Chicken Breast
A serving of Pure New England Maple Syrup

Our special recipe pancakes OR our buckwheat pancakes.
One Pancake
Add pecans to pancake
Two Pancakes
Add pecans to pancakes
Three Pancakes
Add pecans to pancakes

French Toast
Thick-sliced challah bread french toast dusted with powdered sugar.
One Slice
Two Slices

Belgian Waffle
A sweet tasting traditional waffle.
add pecans

Buckwheat Waffle
An earthy tasting special recipe waffle.
add pecans
Add one serving of pure New England maple syrup with any of the above items

whole wheat, white or rye

Multi-grain Biscuit

Assorted Bagels
Your choice of plain, poppy seed, sesame, cinnamon/raisin, or multi-grain. All are grilled with butter or toasted dry upon request.
Add cream cheese

Egg whites and sugar free syrup available at no extra charge.